Alone, one person can create a song, as a joint venture you can create a symphony. We have paused, stopped and reset what we are doing in The Joint Venture Company. Our intention is that our members are clearly professionals in the art of joint ventures and as a community we become unstoppable in our quest to make the difference with ethics, heart and integrity.

Membership to The Joint Venture Club can bring you new opportunities and perspectives and resources .. including access to the founders, members, noted speakers, experts, resources, opportunities, upgrades and more.

What are the Values of The Property Joint Venture Club?

Integrity, openness and transparency are the core values of The Joint Venture Club. It is The Joint Venture Club for a reason, the one that listens and interacts with its members in interpreting these values. We want to make sure that your reputation is protected, in the club members are all given a time period to get to know the club and for the club to know them.

One joint venture can make or break your future, make sure it is the right one with the Joint Venture Club.

What do we get access to in The Property Join Venture Club?

  • The opportunity for access to the Club Founders and Members.
  • The opportunity to participate in private conversations and events where guest speakers will be invited.
  • Access to membership upgrades at events including FreshFlow™
  • Potential to hear about up-coming ventures and advances first hand.
  • The opportunity to pay it forward and be part of a global movement to Make The Difference™

Why are Joint Ventures important?

The Property JV Club

What does it take to access The Joint Venture Club?

The first 50 people to join at the re-launch will be £500 for a lifetime.

After that the next 100 at £1,000

* Credibility with your partners * Listen in to conversations that you never knew would go on * Help you focus * Focus on what you are good at and find the partners that compliment your* You often don’t know what is simple outside of your domain – what is difficult to you can be simple to others

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